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Reducers manufactured by Merve Makine are sized and sized to the world class standards on cutting edge technology CNC automatic machines by taking advantage of modern manufacturing methods them in various body types in accordance with desires and requirements.

 Reducers have many innovations with respect to flexibility and ease of assembly. Furthermore, service life of bearings and gears are expanded, allowing bearing higher radial loads in this way. Reducers are made of GG26 gray cast iron, gears of surface hardened steel DIN 16 MnCr5 and SAE 8620, input and output shaft of SAE 1050. Thanks to their wide oil sump, the reducers provide great advantages in terms of service life.

GLEASON system is used for gashing gears and service life of the gears is improved by keeping under control the treading surface.

Hardness depth of the hardened gears is made according to the size of the module. Thanks to the current high technology, drive bevel gear profiles are ground to achieve high precise treads and lower noise level.

Bearing the shafts at the point nearest to the gear on both sides allows to reduce sagging to a minimum level. Wedges are manufactured according to DIN 6885 and shaft tolerances to DIN 748. All tolerances used in the reducers are kept under control.


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